I’ve now built a Root CNC 3 Lite for my Dad. The actual build has been completed, all that remains now is to complete the wiring of the board (we’re using a duet 2 wifi) and setting up of the config.

At some point, I intend to visit a couple of the parts and maybe even look at producing a better 3D model of it. A word of warning, the fasteners list is not correct so don’t follow it too closely.

I will post some videos once its up and running. For now, you just get a picture.

I was asked to produce updated config files for the Anycubic Predator which has been upgraded to a duet 2 board running the latest RC of RRF3.

I have uploaded my files to github and they can be found here. This is for a setup where a smart effector has been fitted. There won’t be too much to change for a stock predator if you wanted to get it to work.

Just a quick short update about the corexy. The little motor I was planning to use for the toolchanging mechanism just didn’t have enough torque.

I have now moved to a mechanism inspired by the Jubilee printer. I’ve remixed it slightly and used bike brake cables instead and my own design of parts.

Above is just a short video showing it able to lock and unlock a tool.

I’m pretty much stuck now until my expansion board comes.