Eryone PLA Review

So I purchased some Eryone PLA and I thought I would write a short review on the two rolls.

Standard PLA

The first roll was standard Eryone PLA in green. The Eryone PLA is the best wound PLA I’ve ever seen. Its coiled perfectly, unlike other brands I’ve bought that have looked like someone has wound them by hand. The PLA came well sealed, with no signs of water inside the vacuum sealed bag. All in all its a good start.

I decided to print the plastic on my Anycubic Linear Plus. As in previous posts, it has been rebuilt so the frame is upside-down, the controller board has been replaced with a Duet 2 Ethernet, the extruder has been replaced with a bondtech clone in a flying extruder configuration and the hotend has been replaced with a genuine E3D V6. I’m generally happy with the print quality, although I do get some banding.

One little model I like to print to test filament is … not a benchy, but Phil A Ment. As you can see, it came out very well.

It was printed at 50% scale and it looks great. I’ve since printed a few other parts and I am loving this filament.

Glittery PLA

Next up is a roll of Sparky, Glittery purple PLA. Just like the green PLA, this filament came well sealed in a vacuum bag, with no sign of water. What I can say though, is that the filament was not wound as well as the standard PLA. I think this is a bit of a let down considering Eryone have shown that they can easily achieve a good looking roll of filament One question I would be asking is whether Eryone actually make this filament or whether someone else makes it for them.

Again, I tried this filament out on my Anycubic Linear Plus. First thing you may notice with this filament is that its not super glittery but its still impressive. The particles of glitter need to be small enough to get through at least a 0.4mm nozzle if not smaller (as standard they can go as small as 0.25mm).

To test the filament, I chose a model that I thought was most appropriate for glittery purple filament (and because my daughter would like it). I chose fluffy the unicorn.

I think fluffy looks really good and my daughter really likes him/her (not sure which) too.


So would I recommend or buy Eryone PLA again? Yes, without a doubt. Its well presented, well packaged and prints beautifully. It’ll definitely be in my basket when I’m next ordering filament.

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