0.9 Degree Stepper Motors

As quick as that I am back to the original 1.8 motors. I now remember why I never used the ones I posted about.

They are 2.4 amp motors and I had them running at 1.8 amp and they were still skipping steps. I think I’ll get some 0.9 at some point, just need to research the best model. Didn’t take long to swap them back.

I will update GitHub accordingly soon.


    1. Hello Ryan,

      I’ve decided on some motors which I should be ordering soon.
      I will either be going with these or these.
      They both fall within the recommendations of the duet wiki.
      They may not be as good as Moons steppers but they’re pretty high up. And they won’t break the bank.
      The main difference between the two is the flat stop on the shaft and one has a higher current rating than the other. They are both within the operating limits of the duet 2 though.

        1. Yea, my news is I never bothered. I changed to the ones I had kicking around for all of 2 days and then realised why I stopped using them.

          I would still recommend changing the motors to 0.9 degree ones.
          If you’re in the UK, I would go for the ones from E3D. I’ve used these on my new CoreXY build and I am very happy with them.

          1. Thank you for taking the time to reply and for supplying the link.

            Sadly I already have those Wantai motors at home (3 motors cost me a total of 30EUR shipped, so no big deal), just need to find another use for them and won’t bother dismantling the Predator for them..

            Not from the UK, but at least from EU, I don’t mind ordering from the UK.. didn’t have a single problem in the past 15+ years ordering from the UK so I’ll give it a shot.. my Predator is slowly turning into one hell of an expensive frame with nothing else stock anymore haha 😀

          2. I’ve had mine maybe 9 years so they could just be rubbish clones or poorly manufactured.
            I would suggest you wire one up and see how much torque you get. The main reason I took mine out was because they were continuously missing steps with little force required. If you can’t easily make them skip I think you’ll be fine. It’s an easy change anyway, just pop an upright off and it takes like 10 mins to change them.

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