New 3D Printer on its way

Well, I’ve ordered myself an Anycubic D (Predator) 3D printer from amazon.

TriGorilla Anycubic D Delta 3D Printer DIY Large Bulid Volume 370mm(D) x 460mm(H) with Auto Leveling and Flying Extrude Suitable for 1.75mm Filament PLA,ABS,TPU

It was supposed to come on Saturday via prime but at time of writing has yet to appear. Took them 2 days to get it to DPD. Still, it might appear today, fingers crossed.

I plan on writing a 3 part review.

Part 1 – A hardware review. I’ll detail out the motors, electronics etc to give other people a more informed choice when buying this printer as at the moment, there in no information about it.

Part 2 – A review of how it performs out the box. Without making any modifications, I will print the build in calibration print, a calibration cube to check accuracy and then a benchy.

Part 3 – I will then compare this printer against the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus to see whether its worth the extra £300.

More than likely once I get all that out the way I will start to make modifications to the machine. I’ll detail what I’ve changed here as I go.

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