Wham Bam Flexible Build System is Here!

Just a short post to say that I have now received the Wham Bam System and I am already itching to get it installed.

A couple of things to note. I had to pay import duty of £37.58 (which included £12 processing fee). Bit of a bummer but was expected.

Secondly, I am currently trying to decide how I want to mount this. My options are mount directly on top of the ultrabase glass, mount directly to the heated bed (which is super thin) or remove the glass, mount an aluminium disc to the heated bed and then mount the Wham Bam system to this.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, that would be great!


  1. I would mount it on the ultrabase glass …. I did one time moved a ultrabase glass on a FLsun qq-s it was haevy glued on an it toke hours.

    1. I have 2 beds for the predator (I had issues with the first bed with prints not sticking at all so anycubic sent me a replacement) so I have already removed the ultrabase from one. This resulted in a slightly bent bed.
      I have ordered a 380mm piece of 4mm thick aluminium and intend to use JB Weld to glue the two together.
      I should have that done tomorrow night and then I can make my final decision about which to go with.

      1. okay then I think I would go for that without the ultrabase if your aluminium plate is straight…
        I did try that on my Ender 3 pro but when it did heat bed to 80 it did change to much that was 3 mm.

        I also get the wham bam system to test…

        1. I’m hoping 4mm is enough.
          Have you received yours as well? I’ve opened the box but haven’t taken it out yet.
          I also have a volcano upgrade kit to fit to my anycubic linear plus to fit.
          Review will follow as well

          1. No have not got mine yet, after tracking I will get it friday…

            I would love to upgrade to volcano kit it is so nice.

  2. Hi Jay
    Have you installed wham bam on the aluminium or are you going for install on the ultrabase ?

    I just got my wham bam and installed tommorow (Sunday) on the ultrabase.

    Do you think I have to change somthing for the Z probe when I install it on the ultrabase ?

  3. Hi I have made some test of heat on the ultrabase glas and then test the heat is wham bam is on the glass. I know the test will lose some heat because the wham bam is not “gluet on” the bed.. But it can be done with the glass.
    I did heat up the ultrabase to 60 degrees by enter 60 is display and left it for 5 min. messured the ultrabase and is was 56,8- 58,6 so that was okay. Then I did put wham bam on top left it for 5 min. did messure on wham bam surface .. it was 51,3 – 52,7 so the 10 degrees wham bam say it has to be higher is right.

    ( surface messure time 2 min.)

    1. I interpreted the 10 degrees higher as being higher than what you typically print at. So if you print at 60 degrees surface temperature, you should now print at 70 degrees surface temperature.
      Therefore, if you’re seeing 10 degrees loss through the build surface, you would have to print with your bed 20 degrees higher to account for that loss and the 10 degrees requirement.

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